Monday, December 10, 2012

World's Oldest Person Dies at 116

        Besse Cooper, was 116, when she passed away as the world's oldest person, according to this BBC news article. Cooper has recently contracted a stomach virus but died peacefully at a nursing home near Atlanta, Georgia.

           The article goes on to tell about her life. But what I find most interested is the multimedia NOT used in this article. There is a beautiful picture of Mrs. Cooper at the top of the article, however, no video linked to this article. On CNN there was a video of her son Sidney Cooper speaking about his mother. It was so interesting to hear from someone who knew her well, talk about this woman's life. Also the son looked very old, in his 70's, which made viewers realize how old Besse Cooper really was. I think that BBC news should have included a video interview with one of the members of Mrs. Cooper's family. I think that just saying someone is the oldest person alive, but hearing from someone who knows them well what were the most interesting parts of their life is more interesting. The BBC article goes on about her life but in the CNN news video the son talked about the stories his mother would share with him about the depression. He also said that his mother never ate fast food which is interesting to here for young people today worrying about their health in a culture where fast food is readily available and eaten often. 

Here is a video showing Besse Cooper.

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