Monday, December 10, 2012

Hoax Call Results in Nurses Death

        It all started off a lighthearted joke. Two Australian DJ's on a radio show decided to call up King's Hospital in London and as about Catherine the duchess of Cambridge regarding her stay there for morning sickness, according to this BBC news article. If you listen to the prank call you can hear that two nurses spoke. The first was Jacintha Saldanha who answered the call and put it through to another nurse who disclosed information about the duchess' state. The female DJ, Mel Grieg, pretended to be the Queen of England and said she was asking for her granddaughter. The male, Michael Christian, said he was Prince Charles. 
       At first it seemed the joke was on the hospital regarding the fact that they were fooled by these two Australian DJs. However, when Saldanha was later found dead a day after the hoax call, no one was laughing anymore. The two DJs have received a tremendous backlash from the public and their show has been canceled until further notice. 
         During this time I have been wondering how these two DJs must be feeling. They said they expected the call to be hung up by one of the hospital staff immediately. However, when it was put through they were shocked but continue with the joke. BBC news includes a video interview of the two DJs and how saddened they are by the incident. They both claim that there was no malice in the phone call and never meant to harm anyone. I think that it is easy to see the heartbroken point of view of Saldanha's family, but it's important for journalists to also cover the topic objectively and see the point of view of the DJs. BBC news did this.
            Comparatively, I have been watching CNN's coverage of the event and I find BBC news to be explain the facts more clearly. At first I thought the nurse that disclosed the information was the one who committed suicide; however, after reading the BBC news article I realized that it was the first nurse who put the call through.

Watch the video below. 

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