Monday, December 3, 2012

Hear Ye Hear Ye! 
Royal Baby Bliss for Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William

          The duke and duchess of cambridge are expected a child, according to this BBC news article. The palace confirmed the pregnancy just an hour ago. The talk of "Will and Kate" expecting has been playing out in the media for a few months. Speculations as to whether she was expecting was due to her change in diet and drinking habit during her Southeast Asia tour. The duchess drank water rather than wine during a toast and declined trying a local peanut paste. But now all speculation is put aside and it has been confirmed that a royal baby is on the way. 
The BBC news article was short but included a video. I like how the video recapped the couple since their marriage. It shows how much they have done in a year. According to the BBC video, most royal couples conceive within the first 12 months of marriage (this was the case for Princess Diana). It has been just over a year since "Will and Kate" were married in Westminster Abby. 
             One piece of information that the BBC news article did not include was that the duchess has been visiting a hospital due to severe morning sickness, according to a CNN television news report. I know the news of the pregnancy was just released but I am sure the next big question, besides whether it's a boy or girl, will be how is the duchess's health? But in regards to the question of the sex of the child, there are some interesting changes taking place in the monarchy. The parliament is in the process of passing a law that the first born, regardless of sex, is first in line to the throne for the British monarchy. For Prince William and Prince Harry, had they had an older sister she would not have been first in line to the throne. This is exciting news and a change in history for the British monarchy. There could possibly be a future queen born! This is another example of how the monarchy has shown a new and modern face since the royal couples marriage. First, the duchess was the first to marry into the royal family without being of royal blood. Now the old tradition of male predominance is in the process of changing and could possibly be done with in the time that the prince and duchess have their first born. 

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