Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Final Push Towards Election Day


         President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are in the home stretch with just two days left for campaigning before Election Day on November 6. While the election is on the forefront of some people's minds it is not a priority for some of those affected on the East Coast from Hurricane Sandy.  An article from BBC news includes a video that shares which swing states each candidate plan to visit within in the next few days. Both candidates plan to visit Ohio and at least one east coast state a long with a few other states. Governor Romney plans to visit Pennsylvania, a state which was hit hard during Hurricane Sandy. I believe it will be difficult for President Obama and Governor Romney to keep people focused on the election rather than their worries left from hurricane damages. I believe that those people who are passionate about voting will find a way to vote regardless of the storm. There have already been provisions to the voting system due to Hurricane Sandy. According to a CNN news report, parts of News Jersey are implementing ways for people to vote from their homes. However, for those voters who do not feel strongly about one candidate more than the other, I believe it will be hard to have those voters come out especially if they were affected by the storm. Another concern of mine is that people may feel they are not being properly assisted after the hurricane and therefore look down on President Obama's response effort after the storm. The storm has created a sticky predicament in which the candidates must convey a sense of empathy and time sensitivity towards those affected by the storm, but also carefully balance their need to continuing to push their presidential campaigns.

         I think the article gives a good summary about where each candidate stands so close to Election Day. But unfortunately because the polls are so close, it is unforeseeable at this point to see who may win. It also touches on the important question of how will Hurricane Sandy possibly affect this election day turnout? And will it hurt one candidate more than another?

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